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May to Sept. Bookings: (306) 632-2004 or email: jedsonjan@gmail.com / OFF SEASON BOOKINGS Jed (306) 539-9325

Jan Lake Campground 2021 Pricing

 (Subject to change as needed / GST Incl.)

Nightly: Non-electrical - $22 / 20amp electrical- $30 / 30amp electrical- $31 / 30amp electrical plus water- $32 / Extra tent $10 night: Extra trailer is nightly rate

 15% discount for nightly sites from the Monday (Victoria day) - May 31 & after Sept. long weekends

Check in 3:00PM / Check out 1:00PM

Seasonal $1000.00 (Non-electrical), $1650.00 (Electrical 20 amp), $1800 (Electrical 30 amp); $50 discount will be applied to those who have their seasonal campsite paid in full by May 31st, 2021. In order to reserve a seasonal site for the 2022 camping year a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is due August 10, 2021. Additional unclaimed seasonal sites will be allotted after this date. In order to keep your seasonal lot, you must be in your site by yearly May long weekend, or have made arrangements with Jed.  If we have not heard from you by said date, we consider you a "no-show". At this point, your reservation is considered forfeited along with all fees and the campsite will be made available to other campers. Interested seasonal campers for the 2021 year, who are on the waiting list, must let Jed know between April 1 - May 1 2021 if they are still interested in a seasonal site for the upcoming year - preference will be given to those who make contact. 

*Firewood available for purchase.  Personal fire pits may be used provided they are off the ground and are placed in a hazard free area.

* As per parks regulations: fridges and/ or freezers outside of the camping unit are NOT allowed - this applies to"add-a-rooms" as well

Campground Guidelines

These guidelines may change as required to maintain a healthy environment.

1.       Credit Card Mandatory for Reservation. In order to book and reserve a site a credit card is required for confirmation.  In the event of cancellation, 6 days (144 hours) notice is necessary. If notice is less than 6 days, a 4-day fee will be charged.  As for ?no notice? OR ?no show? the entire reserved time period will be charged accordingly.  Registering on behalf of another individual is not permitted.

2.       Age of Majority.  Sites will be provided for persons of 19 years of age or older with a credit card.  Persons renting camp sites will be accountable for the site and all registered guests in that site.  Under-age people shall not be unsupervised at any time.

3.       One Camping Unit per site OR Two Tents.  (Camping unit is defined as a trailer, tent trailer, truck camper or anything other than a tent).  If you require additional tents there will be a charge of 10.00 per night per tent.  A second camper (if required) is a nightly or seasonal rate.

4.       No spikes, nails or screws in trees. It is against Saskatchewan Parks Regulation to cut trees, trim limbs, drive nails and/or screws into trees. We prefer our trees alive so only bungee cords or rope wrapped in a non scarring material can be used to secure tarps or signs. $100 fine per nail, spike, screw or limb cut will be assessed at any time during the camping season. In addition, campers are prohibited from cutting or removing any tree ? alive, dead standing or fallen. 

5.       Campsite Must Be Clean Upon Departure.  All garbage, bottles and cans should be cleaned up and placed in garbage bins.  Please do not leave garbage in the barbeque.  All bungee cords must be removed from trees.  All gardens and signs should be removed as well.  The site should be left in its natural state and look as it did before you checked in.  If additional cleanup is required a minimum fee of $50.00 will be charged to your credit card depending on the amount of cleanup necessary.

6.       Alteration/Removal of barbeque pits is prohibited.  Holes are NOT to be dug in campsite.

7.       Quiet Time 11:00PM.  Keep in mind your fellow campers; they might not want to share in your festivities.  After 11:00PM if there is excessive noise, it shall be shut down.  This applies to GENERATORS as well. Additionally, No Quads are permitted in operation after 11:00PM.  Please adhere to the 15KM max speed and keep quads on the roads ? no quads in the bush.  Dangerous driving and/or impaired driving will not be tolerated in the campground whether it is a quad or in a vehicle at ANY time.  Noise should be kept to an acceptable level during the day.

8.       No site expansion. Trailers, tents and vehicles must stay within the site.  Expansion into the bush in any direction is prohibited by Saskatchewan Parks. Please respect the natural boundaries of your site.

Long Weekend Guidelines

These guidelines may change as required to maintain a healthy environment.

*May Long Weekend 2015 is ALCOHOL FREE and will be open to Seasonal Campers ONLY

- All regular guidelines in effect, for All Long Weekends

* For long weekends, there will be:      

- 3 day Minimum Stay to make a reservation

-Sites will be provided for persons of 25 years of age or older with a credit card

-No bottles in campground

*August Long Weekend 2015 (July 29-Aug 1) is designated for family fishing.

-Sites will be reserved for families only

-An Adult age 25 or older to register for site

-Boat and or trailer will be needed to register

-All persons in the site must be registered

-No unregistered guests in campsite after 11:00 p.m.

-No vehicle traffic in campsite after 11:00 p.m.

-Any persons causing a disturbance in the campground can be evicted at any time

* Guidelines are in place to ensure all campers in the campground are able to have an enjoyable and safe stay.  Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in eviction.  In the event of an eviction, there will be No refund.

* Campers will be charged for any damage to property

* Please keep in mind although this is government owned land, it is a privately run campground and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  We also have the right to evict any campers who choose to ignore above guidelines. 

* By reserving, confirming and utilizing campsites, you signify your assent to these terms

                    Campground Guidelines


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